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K120 Toyota CVT

This transmission is a very reliable transmission so long you do the maintenance on time ( every 40000 km ) and use the right CVT oil.

Toyota brands the K120 as the “Direct Shift” CVT and includes a physical first gear (also known as a "launch gear") and nine additional simulated gears, for a total of 10. The launch gear is engaged when the car takes off from being stopped and transitions to the belt drive once the car picks up speed. The benefit of this system is that traditional CVTs tend to have low efficiency in lower gear ratios (creating a moment of sluggishness when starting from a stop).[1] Since the belts in this CVT are handling a more narrow band of gear ratios, belt angles and loads can be reduced, increasing shift speeds and offering a claimed 6% improvement in fuel efficiency.[2] Production began in October 2018.

It is used in several Toyota vehicles like Corolla, RAV, Camry etc

Bearing issues are most of the times caused by lack of maintenance or using the wrong oil.