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Koleos CVT Transmission

This CVT transmission is the most common transmission used is several Renault vehicles and other brands and comes out in several different models for 2 WD and 4WD vehicles.
It is used in the Nissan Xtrail,Bluebird Silvy,Quasqui,Sentra,Serena and lot more.It is also used in Peugeot,Mitsubishi,Citroen,Suzuki,Jeep and lots more.
You only can use NS2 CVT oil in this transmission and it is recommende to replace both filters 1 Internal filter and 1 behind the heat exchanger at the front of the transmission.
These transmission have Bearing issues and oil pressure loss problems caused by lack of maintenance and using the wrong oil.
You can do towing with this transmission but an extra oil cooler is recommended if you do haevy towing.