Avoid the following

There are parts on the market which are different from design than the genuine parts.

Here are a few examples which I recommend not to use because it will come back at you.

Pulley movement

Do not replace the 6 mm ball bearings inside the pulleys for steel rods which are in lengths of 12, 18 and 24 mm

This will cause a friction in the movement of the pulley halves over the whole length of the rod while 2, 3 or 4 ball bearings will only have a fraction of that because the contact surface between pulley halve and the shaft is a lot less than with the rods

Think about this the friction surface of a rod used in a pulley is 2 x the length ( 2 sides  ) x 3 (amount of grooves in pulley and shaft.) With a rod from 18 mm it will mean a friction service of 108 mm compared with a friction surface of  9 balls times 0.2 mm friction service each it will be only 1.8 mm

If you use these rods the pulleys will not move properly causing slipping of the belt (We did have several request how it comes that the belt wears quickly after they used these rods)

We recommend to use 6 mm stainless steel balls they are a little bit softer than the original but they do not break up in peaces causing the same problem.

Oil Pressure relief  valve

The oil pressure relief valve in the pump will seize or badly damage after metal particles  in the oil going trough this oil pump. The valve is made from a soft aluminium and will score very quickly and very bad but it does not do any damage to the bore.

There are other after market valves on the market which are of a better quality and don't get damaged at all 

This are the valves which are made from titanium with a coating of Teflon ( dark Grey of Color ) and are a little bit different in design than the original valve

Don't use the valves supplied by some Chinese companies or the steel valves with a double spring from some other companies because these valves will alter the oil pressure which will interfere with the the spring pressure in the valve body  which causes a different behavior of the transmission and it will not carry out a proper adaptation process after you install this transmission.


If you have any other questions about after market parts you can e-mail me on info@cvt.co.nz or phone me on +64 7 883 1134

We have tried all of them