What you should know about CVT  Parts Ltd and CVT NZ 2010 Ltd

What you should know about CVT Parts Ltd and CVT NZ 2010 Ltd

Posted by The only CVT Specialist GvdS on 15th Jan 2020

In the modern cars from today it is very common to use a CVT Transmission as part of the power train instead of a manual or a conventional Automatic transmission

There are several horror stories about these transmissions and even recommendations not to buy a car with a CVT transmission.We do not agree with this because we are passionate about this transmission After a customer of us broke down on the road in 1996 and there were no parts or second hand transmission available on the market,only a new transmission with a price tag which was more than a new car We started searching the web for parts etc and after 2 years we did find excess to some parts and we started repairing these transmissions

CVT New Zealand is now specialized in repairing these transmissions and is doing this now for more than 20 years, and has seen the following failures. 80% will fail because of lack of maintenance and when there is done some maintenance the workshops used the wrong oil.15 % fails because of manufacturers faults or they did use poor quality bearings or other materials, 3% fails of abuse ( heavy towing etc ) and 2% fails because people don't know how to drive a car with a CVT.

The CVT Transmission was designed for the following reasons, 1, lower fuel consumption, 2, a lot cheaper to build because there are a lot less parts in the transmission, 

The lower fuel consumption did work very well and this is the main reason that car manufacturers are using this transmission to increase sales.The lower production price did work very well for the car manufacturers but has never been passed on to the consumer which was the reason CVT New Zealand start repairing these transmissions.

The main manufacturer of these transmissions are Aisin (Toyota,Suzuki and Mazda ) and Jatco ( Nissan,Mitsubishi,Chrysler,Jeep,Suzuki , Renault,Citroen,Peugeot and more ) They also decided not to supply any spare parts for these transmissions and did also make it very difficult to get bearings for these transmissions by making the bearing with very odd sizes so standard bearings could not be used.

In the last few years CVT New Zealand has managed to obtain these bearings trough special channels and by ordering big quantities they even managed to get some bearings special made for them. CVT New Zealand also managed to obtain the internal parts like Pulleys and frictions and other hard parts and the main part the Push belt.

If CVT New Zealand can't find these parts they will get them manufactured in countries like NZ , England and Taiwan CVT New Zealand also will buy a lot of core units and strip these and re-manufacture these transmissions with new parts and sell these as exchange units with a 1 Year warranty

At this stage we are selling parts to more than 1000 customers in 125 countries. and Re-manufactured Transmission to more than 50 different countries

When you repairing CVT Transmission never use non standard bearings and always replace them all NSK bearings are special designed for CVT Transmissions .

Click on this link and you will see why:http://cvt-parts.co.nz/cvt-bearings-specifications-explained/