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Citroen JF011 CVT Transmission

This a compact and very reliable transmission used in several other cars  like Nissan Renault Mitsubishi and more.
Is capable of towing and very low in fuel consumption.
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    JF 011 (REOF10 ) MASTER KIT

    The following parts are in this Masterkit C   1  CVT Push belt   CVT1047/1066 1 Oil filter External 1 Oil filter Internal. 1 Overhaul kit ( All seals and Gaskets ) 1 Main Beaing Kit ( 3 Bearing with the sizes  60 x101 x 17...

    MSRP: NZ$1,834.25
    Was: NZ$1,259.25
    Now: NZ$914.25
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  • JF011 CVT Service Kit

    This service kit contains 1 Sump gasket. 1 Internal oil filter and 1 External oilfilter cartridge which is situated behind the heat exchanger which is fitted on the front of the transmission

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    Main Bearing Kit JF011

    Main Bearing Kit JF011 CVT used in several Vehicles. It contains 3 most common failing bearings . Primary pulley main bearing. Dimension 60 x 101 x 17.2 Secondary pulley support bearing.Dimension 45 x 90 x 17 Primary pulley support bearing ...

    MSRP: NZ$447.58
    Was: NZ$257.95
    Now: NZ$194.93
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  • NS2 CVTOIL 2 liter can

    NS2 CVT OIL   ( 2 liter Can ) This oil have to be used in the  CVT Transmissions from Jatco: Till 2010 The Jatco CVT Transmissions are  All Nissan CVT Transmissions REOF06, (JF006), REOF08 A and B (JF009), REOF09 (JF010) ...

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    Oil Pump JF011

    Oil Pump JF011

    Oil Pump JFo11 CVT Transmission. This is good used pump which has been cleaned and tested.

    MSRP: NZ$247.60
    Was: NZ$247.60
    Now: NZ$189.75
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  • This overhaul kit Part 1 is including Stainless steel Ball Bearings for the Pulleys and a redesigned Relief valve for the Oil pump which will never fail This is part 2 of the overhaul kit

    Overhaul kit JF011 CVT Transmission

    This overhaul kit can be used in several vehicles which use this transmission. JF011/JF016 ( REOF10 a/e/d/f) The set contains All oil seals O-Rings Drive shaft seals Gaskets   All internall parts for the valve body Teflon...

    MSRP: NZ$419.75
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  • Primary Pulley complete with Bearing

    Primary Pulley complete with Bearing

    Primary Pulley.( Remanufactured ) This pulley is complete overhauled with new seals and a new bearings The main bearing is the one with OD 101 mm and ID 65 mm and W 17 mm The support bearing is the one with OD80mm ID 40 mm and W 16mmThese pulleys do...

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