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Companies for Sale

Both Our companies are up for sale. 


CVT Parts ltd is a company selling parts trough an online shop and by ordering trough internet to more than 1000 customers over the whole world. ( more than 130 countries )

We are a "Capricorn" preferred supplier in NZ and are in the process of becoming a"Capricorn" preferred Supplier in Australia.


CVT NZ 2010 Ltd is a company which is specialized in Re-manufacturing CVT Transmissions only and is also a "Capricorn" preferred supplier in NZ 

We also do in house diagnostics and Removal and Fitting of these transmissions.

All our re-manufactured CVT Transmissions coming with a 1 Year or 20.000 km Warranty and are supplied with the oil needed for these transmissions.


If you are interested send all your details to our company and we will contact you and we can supply all information you need .

The manager will decide who will get the information requested

You will have to sign a confidential agreement before we will send any financial information