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REOF08A /B CVT transmission (JF009)

This CVT Transmission is used in several Nissan vehicles like Wing road,Cube,Tiida,March and more.

You can find the transmission code (transaxle code on the vinplate under the bonnet or in the door frame)

This transmission comes out in several different models and gear ratio's.Be carefull with buying a second hand transmission.

There are some issues with oil pressure loss and worn bearings which is most of the times caused by lack of maintenance and when there is maintenance done lot of times using the wrong oil.

You only can use NS 2 oil in this transmission.Always get the two internal oil filters replaced when you doe an oil change.

  • REOF08 Primary Pulley support bearing

    Primary Pulley Support Bearing   This bearing is situated in the back cover of the CVT Transmission. Do not use a standard 6205 because it is 15 mm and you will get problems with pulleys not lined up properly.causing wining noises and wearing the...

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  • REOF08A(JF009) Overhaul kit

    Nissan REOF08A CVT transmission Overhaul kit Containing all oil seals,O-rings, driveshaft seals,teflon seals, liprings, etc Excluding moulded pistons This kit also contains the aluminium housing with the oil filter cartridge.

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  • Steppen motor ( Ratio actuator ) JF09/JF010

    Steppen motor. This steppen motor is ver expensive and before you order check the following. 95% of the time there is nothing wrong with the steppen motor so get it diagnosed properly first. The resistance of this steppen motor meassured between the...

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