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REOF08A /B CVT transmission (JF009)

This CVT Transmission is used in several Nissan vehicles like Wing road,Cube,Tiida,March and more.

You can find the transmission code (transaxle code on the vinplate under the bonnet or in the door frame)

This transmission comes out in several different models and gear ratio's.Be carefull with buying a second hand transmission.

There are some issues with oil pressure loss and worn bearings which is most of the times caused by lack of maintenance and when there is maintenance done lot of times using the wrong oil.

You only can use NS 2 oil in this transmission.Always get the two internal oil filters replaced when you doe an oil change.

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     Idler shaft Bearing Kit REOF08  B

    Idler shaft Bearing Kit REOF08 B

    Idler Bearing Kit REOF08 B   Picture shows 2 different bearings will be changed later This kit contains 2 Tapered Roller bearings. Dimensions   2 x 30 x 53 x 16  ( Koyo 3053 )  

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     Nissan CVT Transmission REOF08A  ( HR15 engine )

    Nissan CVT Transmission REOF08A ( HR15 engine )

    REOF08 Complete remanufactured CVT Transmission used in several Nissan Vehicles with an HR15 Engine. On exchange basis This package is including Torque converter and 8 litres of CVT oil NS2 There is 12 months or 20000km warranty on this unit.We can...

    MSRP: NZ$7,274.10
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    Now: NZ$2,064.25
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  • CVT Pushbelt

    CVT Pushbelt

    This Push belt is the most common used belt and is used in several different CVT Transmissions  It is used in Jatco CVT transmissions, ZF CVT transmissions, Aisin Warner and lots more It is a replacement for the following CVT Pushbelt numbers...

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  • CVT Transmission oil NS2 ( 4 ltr can )

    NS2 CVT OIL   ( 4 liter Can ) This oil have to be used in the  CVT Transmissions from Jatco: Till 2010 The Jatco CVT Transmissions are  All Nissan CVT Transmissions REOF06, (JF006), REOF08 A and B (JF009), REOF09 (JF010) ...

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    CVT Transmission Speed Sensor.

    CVT Transmission Speed Sensor.

    This sensor is situated on top of the transmission where the Secondary pulley is fitted. and sometimes on the back of the transmission for the Primary pulley Most transmissions have more than 1 sensor. It is measuring the revolutons of the pulleys and...

    MSRP: NZ$194.70
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